Price $1,200

Pool inspection with leak detection

Not all pools are created equally and every pool has a different age, therefore we offer leak detection for selective pools that we feel its necessary to have in order for the buyers to make decision. This is base on the build date, surrounding environment (hills and mature trees) that can damage the structure or the underground plumbing. This is the most detailed report that you can get for your pool and can save you from expensive repairs in future.

Safety Features that meet local requirements

  • Physical Conditions of the pool Structure, interior, material and the deck

    • Pressure testing Plumbing

    • Testing for underground leak

    • Leak testing jet interface with plaster

    • Leak testing the main drain

    • Leak testing skimmers

    • Interior finish

    • Tile

    • Coping

    • Decking

  • Equipment

    • Pump

    • Filter

    • Heater

    • Booster pump

    • Solar

    • Cleaner

  • Other features and accessories

    • Spa attachment

    • Automatic pool cover

    • Automation systems

    • Remote Control or spa side remote

    • Diving board or slide

    • Water features

    • Infinity edge

    • Multi-color lights

  • Fence and other backyard related item connected to pool